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Monochrome Logo Design gold
Monochrome Abbreviation Gold
variation of monochrome designs
process sketches in pencil
process sketches in pencil

The Brief:

Monochrome is the name of a great band here in Atlanta.
After an initial consultation,I was left with the task of creating a custom letter logo reminiscent of my clients’ favorite nostalgic brands.

It was also important to create a shorter abbreviated version.

After sketching some ideas, I transferred them to vector images which means that they are scalable. And this would come in handy when the logo needs to go on a billboard or a keychain.

The Challenge

Creating a logo that resonated with the clients vision, without over promising.

The Goal:


Nostalgic design

Resonates with the brand

To create a robust design system state would have both full logo and the abbreviated logo ready for any popular sized dimension.
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